The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Ps4

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Ps4 is a progression of serious, independent, fanning realistic awfulness games including single and multiplayer modes.

4 undergrads and their teacher become abandoned in the deserted town of Little Hope. Caught by an impervious haze they attempt urgently to escape while seeing frightening dreams from an earlier time. They should sort out the inspiration of these phantoms before the underhanded powers at work hauls every one of their spirits to damnation.

Witness frightening dreams of the past, frequented by the functions of the XVIIth century Andover Witch Trials.

Departure the ugly ghosts that steadily seek after them through the mist!

Play with a companion or up to 5 companions disconnected.

Relinquish Hope…all who enter here!

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English, French, Spanish

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English, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

Product Price : 9.00 EUR
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