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In Rust, there is one objective above all the other things: endure. Vanquish thirst and appetite, fight the components, make weapons and stay protected against threatening powers including different players, researchers, bears, wolves or even capitulate to shoot, suffocating or radiation harming.

In the battle for endurance and incomparability, players can fabricate little lodges in the forested areas to colossal salvaged material forts trying to remain protected, just as art an assortment of weapons, bombs and traps. A game without rules: Rust doesn’t instruct its occupants. Players are allowed to be misleading and forceful with extreme player versus player battle, assaulting and plundering, however there is possibly significantly more to be acquired with a group of cordial players close by.

Rust Console Edition PS4 Features


Investigate an immense and strange dystopian island and sort out some way to keep yourself alive.


Serious PVE and PVP fights – Befriend or battle different players, the decision is yours.


Overcome thirst and appetite, fight components, create stuff and stay protected in reality as we know it where everything needs you dead.

Subtitles: English, Portuguese (Brazil)

Product Price : 75.00 EUR
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