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Get ready to enter the gardenfield more than ever in Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare PS4.

It’s the god-like conflict among great and shrewd, good and bad, plant and zombie. It’s a definitive fight, and you have to pick your side. Will you go for bloom power or will the draw of the dead be excessively solid?

Highlighting new game modes, including Herbal Assault and Graveyard Ops, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 expands upon all the accomplishment of its forerunner to convey a phenomenally fun, and amusing, activity stuffed shooter that will keep you returning to the nursery for additional.

The fight for the suburbs develops to insane new statures in Plants versus Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2! In this silly, activity pressed shooter, zombie pioneer Dr. Zomboss has fortified his crowd and remade the suburbs as a zombie ideal world. Yet, trust remains, on the grounds that just because the plants are attacking in a full scale assault to recover their turf. Play as the plants in the all-new 24-player Herbal Assault mode, or pick your side in 4-player center or Solo Play!


Plants Attack — Bring the battle to the zombies without precedent for establishment history. Go into all out attack mode as the plants taking all things together new 24-player Herbal Assault mode, or safeguard Zomburbia in 4-player zombie center in Graveyard Ops.

Characters From All Ages — Bring considerably more vital profundity to this hard and fast natural fight with 14 all out character classes, and more than 100 playable plants and zombies from an earlier time, present, and future.

Play Your Way — With 9 yard rousing game modes, play in insane 24-player fights in Herbal Assault or Gardens and Graveyards, pick the plant or zombie side in 4-player community, or go solo playing against AI adversaries or locally in split-screen center over any mode in the game (no Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus required).

A Living PvZ World — The battle for Suburbia has come into full sprout, with 12 guides overflowing with character and humor, Zombossified cityscapes, and swarmed airspaces, all layered with concealed insider facts holding on to be found.

Players who import their character movement from the first Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare will get the accompanying in-game prizes:

Rank 10 or higher – Receive a free Helpful Fun Pack.

Rank 25 or higher – Receive a free Wondrous Pack of Greatness.

Rank 50 or higher – Receive a free character open.

Rank 100 or higher – Receive five Super Rare Customisation Items – with a ‘gleaming’ impact added to them for good measure.

Max Rank of 313 – Last however not least, players who arrive freely get a 313 Max Pack that incorporates an unbelievable character – the Unicorn Chomper and Unicorn Warp Ability. Since what’s not to adore about a distorting Chomper?


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