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From 18 tonners to the Gigaliner, On The Road – Truck Simulator offers whatever a driver could possibly want.
In this sensible truck recreation, you have in excess of 6500 km of motorway and dirt roads available to you – including various point by point motorway trades. Get behind the guiding wheel of a MAN TGX or Scania R Series and find in excess of 15 German urban communities like Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Hannover, and Berlin, with extraordinary street plans and sights. Also, various different focal points are ready to be found along your excursion, too.

Because of the participation with MAN and Scania, the trucks act all things considered – including programmed transmissions, retarder/intarder, and help frameworks. From minimal box bodies to semi-trailers and even gigaliners, you’ll have the right freight volume accessible for each conveyance request.
On The Road likewise includes a financial framework. Tracked down your own organization and recruit drivers so you can acknowledge more requests.

Get moving – Germany’s streets are sitting tight for you!

On The Road PS4 & PS5 Features

• Ca. 6000 km of motorway and 600 km of back road, to a size of 1:10
• Various nitty gritty models of motorway trades
• 16 urban areas, some of them with special street plans (for example traffic circles or extensions)
• Various POIs in urban areas and close to motorways and back roads
• Every enormous stream
• Ground in view of genuine satellite information
Vehicle Features:

• Authorized vehicles from Scania and MAN:
o MAN TGX (2016) as semi-trailer 4×2, box 4×2, and box 6×2
o Scania R Series (2013) likewise as semi-trailer 4×2, box 4×2, and box 6×2
• Trailer: box semi-trailer, couple, bolter, and Gigaliner (cart + semi-trailer)
• Trailers, semi-trailers, Gigaliner
• Programmed transmission
• Retarder/Intarder
• Driver card
• Solo drives

Interactivity Features:
• Financial framework
• Tracked down your own organization
• Complex course arranging with consolidated courses and rest times
• Buy trucks and trailers
• Recruit drivers
• It is conceivable and expected to Leave vehicles

Subtitles:English, French (France), German, Spanish

Product Price : 15.00 EUR
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