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The complete game is included in this edition.
– 5K Stubs.

With MLB The Show 23, you’ll enjoy an experience that’s more realistic than ever before, bringing your baseball fantasies one step closer to reality. Play as your favorite players, take on your favorite rivals, and relive all of your best moments from Major League Baseball in Shock The Game and Own The Show.

MLB The Show 23 PS4 Features

Go through the lives of Negro Leagues Baseball luminaries like Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Hank Thompson, Hilton Smith, Rube Foster, Buck O’Neil, John Donaldson, and Martin Dihigo in a video game experience that is unlike any other thanks to a relationship with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. You will be immersed in the lives and careers of some of the greatest and most influential athletes in the annals of sports history as MLB The Show Storylines brings these characters to life. *
– Only available in Diamond Dynasty mode, construct your ideal team of national heroes and Flashbacks from the 2023 WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC event, and personalize your squad with authentic jerseys from all of the countries that are taking part in the competition.
** -In order to use the new Face Scan function with your mobile device and bring your likeness as a ballplayer into MLB The Show 23, you will need to download the MLB The Show Companion App on your iOS or Android mobile device.
*** Throughout gameplay, complete dynamic tasks that correspond to your player’s Skillset in order to earn in-game bonuses on the spot.
-Experience a greater sense of realism thanks to gameplay enhancements. The gameplay has been redesigned to better recognize and reward well-executed talents, both at the plate and on the mound. This applies to both the batting and pitching positions.
-Realize your dreams of playing baseball with expanded commentary and in-game presentation updates that bring updated broadcast themes, realistic 3D environments including new external views of your favorite MLB stadiums, and more detail to uniforms and equipment. -These updates will allow you to live out your dreams of playing baseball.
-You now have more options to play, earn money, and build your squad thanks to Diamond Dynasty! You can now play out your baseball fantasies with over 25 additional MLB Legends to acquire and create your club from, bringing the total number of players accessible in the game to over 180.
—Continue earning prizes after finishing a featured program by spinning the wheel every time you meet the requirements for claiming a reward. You’ll rack up more winnings the more you get involved in the action.
—For the first time ever, you may use Captain Cards to choose a position player and a pitching captain for your lineup. After you have done so, you can unlock tremendous in-game enhancements by satisfying criteria that are exclusive to these players.
—Participate in Ranked Online Co-Op with your close companions, and form a team!
You may now earn incentives and fight for leaderboard placement by participating in Online Ranked Seasons, which are now accessible.
—Get a head start on the competition with all new Season Cards. You can obtain cards with higher ratings at the beginning of each new live content season and use them for a limited time in particular game modes. These cards can be used in conjunction with Live Series Cards, which can be used in any game mode at any time of the year.
—Continue to push yourself with mini-seasonal games while keeping track of your stats. Get access to exclusive prizes by achieving non-mandatory goals, such as imposing restrictions on the players who may be utilized throughout the course of a given season. You will be able to earn rewards at the conclusion of each mini season.
-The new MLB Postseason format, schedule, and more CBA revisions are now included in the game’s Franchise Mode. The Major League Baseball Draft experience has been updated to include more depth and strategy in the management of your team.
-Cross-platform gaming allows you to compete against your pals.
**** Via cross-platform cross-progression, you may continue your progress on other console systems, gain content, and use it. *****


Product Price : 75.00 EUR
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