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Come together, Overworld!

Explore the wonders of the brand-new action strategy game, Minecraft Legends Ps4. Discover a peaceful place with many resources and gorgeous biomes that is in danger of being destroyed. It’s up to you to rally your troops and command them in calculated fights to preserve the Overworld from the encroaching piglins.

The Overworld is being infected by the piglins’ Nether corruption, which scorches anything it comes into contact with! Are you the hero who will safeguard this peaceful nation? Plan your attack and engage in epic combat with the piglins, but beware: they will always retaliate. By day, attack piglin bases; by night, protect your comrades. Discover lush biomes full of riches and dangers, make new acquaintances, and re-acquaint yourself with familar creatures. All that’s left to do is save the planet with the allays on your side.

Minecraft Legends Ps4 Features

• Discover a legendary tale from the world of Minecraft and the Overworld like never before.
• Join forces with both old and new mobs to form alliances, then take the initiative in epic fights to protect the Overworld from the ferocious piglins.
• Explore a diverse, beautiful landscape that changes with each playtime and is rich in resources.
• Engage in fierce combat with your pals or work together to protect your town while controlling your forces to obliterate your rivals’ communities.
• Do you want to be the hero with the greatest outfit on the battlefield? Put on some of the coolest outfits the Overworld has ever seen as you battle the piglin threat! The Minecraft Legends Ps4 allows you to outfit your hero and their faithful horse in beautiful clothes. However, bear in mind that other from a boost in self-confidence, these skins won’t provide you a tactical edge in fight.

Product Price : 75.00 EUR
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