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Jin Sakai must put aside his samurai customs and fashion another way, the way of the Ghost, and compensation an eccentric war for the opportunity of Tsushima. In the late thirteenth century, the Mongol realm has destroyed to whole countries along their battle to vanquish the East. Tsushima Island is every one of that remains between territory Japan and an enormous Mongol intrusion armada drove by the merciless and crafty general, Khotun Khan. As the island consumes in the wake of the principal wave of the Mongol ambush, samurai warrior Jin Sakai remains as one of the last enduring individuals from his tribe. He is settled take the necessary steps, at any expense, to ensure his kin and recover his home. He should put aside the customs that have formed him as a warrior to produce another way, the way of the Ghost, and compensation a whimsical war for the opportunity of Tsushima.


In War-Torn Tsushima, Ancient Beauty Endures: In this open-world activity experience, you’ll wander huge wide open spaces and far reaching territory to experience rich characters, find antiquated tourist spots, and reveal the shrouded magnificence of Tsushima.

The Rise of the Ghost: In his mission to recover Tsushima, Jin must look for help from old companions and new impossible partners. He should split away from custom, become another sort of warrior, and secure what’s left of his home no matter what.

Mud, Blood, and Steel: Challenge rivals with your katana for a vivid samurai battle understanding, ace the bow to wipe out removed dangers, and create covertness strategies to bewilder and snare adversaries with shock assaults.

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Spanish (Latin America)
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