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FIFA 23 PS4 – The Greatest Videogame Football, SO FAR

A brand-new version of videogame football is coming to your Playstation with fresh features like female club teams and both men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup tournaments. In addition to this, you can play your favorite modes, they will be improved.

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Cross-play technology has the ability to enhance matchmaking and enable friends from other platforms of the same generation to play with each other, The Ps5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC versions are compatible among themselves, and PS4 and Xbox One are compatible with each other, in FIFA 23’s Pro Clubs mode.

Matchday Experience

Fifa 23 used augmented reality to create incredibly realistic field surfaces and upgraded stadium ambiance so there is an enhanced matchday experience.

Marks players left while moving on the field will last the duration of the game to make the grass on the field appear more genuine than ever.

Women’s Club Football

There is a first-time opportunity to play as women’s club teams in two leagues, Barclays FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema with more female players.

New Clubs and Stadiums 

For its supporters, Juventus is returning to FIFA 23. There are some brand-new stadiums, like the Nottingham Forest City Ground, Juve Allianz Stadium, and Spotify Camp Nou.

FIFA World Cup Both Men’s and Women’s 

The virtual FIFA World Cup could be created before it really takes place, and for even more fun, it will be Qatar 2022 and Australia and New Zealand 2023 for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. You’ll get to play the best game in the World at its peak.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT)

As you create your dream team in FUT 23, you’ll experience pleasure with new ways to play and earn rewards.

The PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia will share the same FUT Transfer Market. Players on other platforms will be able to see the items.

A global leaderboard will be available for FUT Leaderboards

In FUT Moments, users may collect Stars by finishing a number of short situations with a range of levels. These Stars can be redeemed for players, packs, and other items.

Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team refers to the interplay between the footballers on your team based on their club, league, and country. The more players you have from the same league, country, or club, the greater the statistical boost your players get to enhance your team’s chances on the field.

FIFA 23’s FUT Heroes will become Super Heroes thanks to a partnership with FIFA and Marvel. For the first time in FUT’s 14-year history, the unique illustrated graphics will replace the actual player portraits in-game for 21 of the FIFA World Cup FUT Heroes products.

Pro Clubs & VOLTA Football

Pro Clubs and Volta Football are game modes designed to be enjoyed with friends so that you may socialize, compete, and make memories. The primary distinction is that you can play VOLTA for relaxation or Pro Clubs for a genuine football experience.

In FIFA 23’s two game modes, you can proceed any way you like, whether it is by advancing in Pro Clubs or facing off against your friends in a variety of party games in VOLTA Arcades. There is a live service component to Pro Clubs with linked Seasons Progress between Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL that allows you to earn and unlock extra content for your Avatar all year long.

Skill Games: In the Pro Clubs mode of FIFA 23, players compete against one another in 66 skill games to earn Player Growth XP up to a weekly limit. The difficulty of the Skill Game grows with XP collected, as does your rank. Even if you only have a brief window of opportunity to play, you may still advance and raise your Pro while improving your skills.

Avatar Customisation- You could now gain Seasonal Points (SP) which can be used to access new pieces of equipment for your Virtual Pro whether you play VOLTA FOOTBALL (Arcades, Squads, and Battles) or Pro Clubs (Drop-Ins, League, Cup, and Friendly Matches). In Pro Clubs, you may modify your look with tattoos, make-up, boots, hairstyles, and facial hair, and in VOLTA FOOTBALL, you can switch up your entire outfit, neon gear, and face paint.

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Career Mode on Fifa 23

Player Personality – The main component of the Fifa 23’s career mode is the player’s personality. Strive to build a deep emotional connection between the individuals controlling the console and the footballers on the digital pitch. Based on their choices during the game and their behavior off the field, player personality develops around the player’s character. Three different personalities exist Maverick (aggressive, ambitious), Heartbeat (complete team member), and Virtuoso (skillful, intellectual, and can influence the game’s outcome).

Playable Highlights – In Playable Highlights, you can participate at crucial moments in games to influence the outcome while letting the match engine simulate the majority of the action. It’s not necessary to play for a long time. You can earn certain prizes by just observing the game’s highlights.

In the background, a system evaluates the two competing teams for every game, looking at their offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses depending on the bench players and their statistics at that particular time in the season.

With Playable Highlights, you may skip ahead through seasons and focus on the interactions you think are most important while maintaining control over the results you get along the way.

By allowing the simulation predicts the defensive outcomes, you can decide whether to play all of the game’s highlights or just the attacking ones as a manager.

You have the option of controlling the whole team or just the player you begin your career with, much like when you play a full game as a player.

Dynamic Moments- Dynamic Moments is a series of cinematics that will track your successes throughout the Career Mode path for both Manager and Player Career, with the purpose of making your experience more genuine and memorable.


Audio: English, French (France),  Spanish,

Subtitles:  English, French (France),  Spanish

Product Price : 75.00 EUR
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