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Digimon Survive presents a half and half visual novel and strategic RPG set in a strange world loaded up with hazardous beasts and lethal fights that will test your capacity to get by.

In the wake of getting lost on a school trip, Takuma Momozuka winds up moved to a world occupied by savage enemies and new partners. Join Takuma and his companions as they battle their direction back home. Create your story in this exhilarating visual novel with turn-based battle.

Digimon Survive PS4 Features

– A Rich Visual Novel Experience
Unfurl a dull story about companionship and endurance that is jam-loaded with energizing show, a one of a kind cast of characters, and possibly troubling decisions.

– A Mysterious World
Investigate powerful regions loaded up with stowed away insider facts and Digimon to enroll.

– The Power is Yours
Your decisions influence interactivity: you bond with different NPCs, your Digimon’s development, and the result of your experience.

– Exciting and Strategic Gameplay
Convince your rivals to join your group and advance them to battle close by you in exciting turn-based fights.

Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English, French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)

Product Price : 30.00 EUR
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