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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is the fifth expansion for Destiny 2 by Bungie. It is an upcoming adventure that has everyone on their toes with excitement. The launch of Beyond Light was delayed to November 10, 2020 and therefore anticipation is high with this game. Destiny 2: Beyond Light  Ps4 is a first-person shooter game that returns with a character, named Exo Stranger, from the original Destiny’s game. This expansion brings with it a set of new arms, modes and elements.

The Destiny 2: Beyond Life gameplay remains nearly the same, with the introduction of a few things. The player, who is a Guardian, uses their power of Light to fight the Darkness. This Light gives the player superhuman qualities that include rebirth. These fights can be in a player versus player mode or player versus environment mode. This game is played in a multiplayer mode world and allows players to not only play with their friends but also people around the world.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Ps4 Co-operative Activities:

One of the most exciting parts of a multiplayer game world is completing tasks together in groups. Every game has co-operative tasks that can be done with your group to earn points and rewards. Destiny 2: Beyond Light Ps4 comes with bounties, raids, missions, global public events, strikes, and seasonal events. The option for competitive matches is also available. Players can play against other Guardians and can also play in a team versus team mode in Gambit Arena. The rewards include weapons and armories as well as other items that can be used as currency within the game to either buy new weapons or upgrade an item.

Classes of Players:

The game contains three main classes of players that have the characters Titan, Hunter and Warlock each. These classes then have subclasses that based on the powers and strengths of the characters. The players have a Power level that can be increased with the use of good characters, powers, weapons, and gear. The players have the option to increase their Power level to be able to survive the game longer. This requires upgrade of gear and weapons and getting new avatars.

 What’s New on Destiny 2: Beyond Light PS4

Two new destinations will be added to the game, instead of the ones that were present in the previous game. These are Earth’s Cosmodrome (featured in original Destiny game) and Europa. Europa is Jupiter’s icy moon where Darkness prevails, and players have to fight it off. It is wasteland where everything is frozen, and cold gusts of wind sends shivers down the Player’s spines. The Dark Empire grows here, and the player must stop Eramis before Darkness takes over.

Another introduction is the raid from the original Destiny, Vault of Glass. This will be a nostalgic throwback for old players of the game.

In this expansion, ghosts get to be customized too. The player can customize the shell of the ghost with armors with the introduction of Armor System 2.0. The ghost aids in regeneration of the Player and assists them in the game. Previously, ghost shells had fixed properties, but this time Bungie has allowed players to have a customized ghost as well.

Another key introduction in this game is the Stasis. This is a new elemental power that has several other subclasses. These are experimental subclasses, and if they are a success they might be included in other elemental powers as well. Since Stasis is the power of cold ice, the subclasses include shooting ice out of icy staffs, freezing explosion, shattering enemies with cold, freezing them to statues and many more. These cool new super powers allow the Player to defeat the enemies in the cold Europa environment. The player can even slow down their enemies in the stasis field to fight them.

The weapons will now have their own Power levels, and older weapons will become less feasible as the missions go on. Players can also complete incomplete tasks and quests from the Tower. This Tower will also give access to the exotic archive where players can buy exotic gear, weapons and armors from.

This release marks the beginning of a new era for the game. It not only includes many new features, but may also serve as inspiration for future games in case of great success. Beyond Light also begins a trilogy of expansions where the game nature will allow users to better explore the dimensions of Light and Darkness.

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The upcoming expansions following Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be Witch Queen (2021) and Lightfall (2022). This trilogy will open new doors to adventure for players. It is especially a treat for previous players who have long waited for this expansion trilogy to come out. The launch of Beyond Light will shed a new light on the Destiny 2 game and might even bring in new players from around the world. Make sure to check out the game from the developer’s website and also check out all the additions that have been made to the game. It will definitely be better to check out your player characters and subclasses for yourself.

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