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With a special blend of horror, dark comedy, and over-the-top zombie-slaying spread throughout an epic pulp adventure, the beloved zombie tale is back.

First-person action role-playing game Dead Island 2 Ps4 is exhilarating, colorful, and overrun with zombies. Discover an iconic, bloody Los Angeles. Meet characters that are larger than life. Countless enemies can be slain in stunningly gory detail. and develop into the supreme Zombie Slayer!

Greetings from HELL-A

Los Angeles is being plagued by a horrible illness that is turning its residents into zombies. Discover the cause of the outbreak and who—or what—you are after being bit, infected, and more than simply immune. Try to endure, develop, and save the planet!

Dead Island 2 Ps4 FEATURES

Explore HELL-A – Dead Island 2 Ps4 takes players on an exhilarating pulp adventure through the most renowned locales of the City of Angels, now tarnished with horror, from the lush neighborhood of Beverly Hills to the eccentric promenade of Venice Beach.

With a variety of weaponry and tactical (and cruel) options, cruel Melee Sandbox – Combat offers the most intense, visceral, and horrific first person experience available. We want you to really feel it, whether you’re chopping, crushing, burning, or ripping.

Be the Best Zombie Slayer You Can Be. There are six different personas to pick from, and each has a different personality and set of talks. Each Slayer’s powers may be completely customized because to our innovative skill system, which lets you immediately change your skill set and test out the wackiest builds.

Ready to experience the most cutting-edge dismemberment mechanism in games? Play Zombie Infestation. Realistic-looking zombies are everywhere in our Los Angeles. having dozens of different zombie varieties, each having their own mutations, attacks, and hundreds of visually themed versions based on Los Angeles, these mutant wretches are the reanimated, rotting heart of Dead Island 2. Our monsters are tenacious, difficult, and authentic Los Angelenos. Do you have a chance of surviving?

A Cinematic Co-op Adventure – As an authentic RPG, Dead Island 2 Ps4 provides a ton of fascinating adventures, a wild cast of characters, and an engaging pulp plot to fully immerse you in its warped environment. Playability again is assured. If you include an outrageous co-op option for up to three people, you’ll spend a very lengthy (and bloody) vacation in Los Angeles.

Dead Island 2 Ps4: Game Control for Alexa

On Dead Island 2, you may use your voice to change weapons, establish waypoints, provoke zombies, and much more. Play without an Alexa device using any microphone or headphone.

Product Price : 75.00 EUR
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