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Battlefield 2042 Ps4, the last game of the series. Net with the best price for Ps4 shooter game lovers.

Battlefield 2042 Ps4 Features

A World Transformed by Disorder

In 2042, outrageous weather occasions and asset clashes have moved the equilibrium of worldwide power. The United States and Russia stand about to start a major world conflict war, while a blend of Non-Patriated battle veterans structure free gatherings known as Task Forces. Battle to characterize the future in this never-before-seen theater of war.

128 Simultaneous Players

For the initial time in Battlefield’s set of experiences, 128 players can join the full scale battle at the equivalent time*. This epic player count approaches totally new ongoing interaction openings and epic Battlefield minutes. Presently like never before, feel the power of participating in gigantic scope fights where anything can occur. *Supported on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5, and PC as it were. Xbox One and PlayStation®4 will be locked at 64 players.

Huge and Dynamic Environments

Get a much more noteworthy feeling of stupendous, huge scope battle on seven enormous guides – created through a redid plan theory. Every front line has various unmistakable battle regions housed in a solitary playspace and this additional room implies more assortment and more significant vehicle interactivity – tanks have more space to wander, contender jets have more airspace to move. On these guides, you’ll experience steadily changing fight conditions and interactivity challenges. Adjust on-the-fly to dynamic occasions and calamities, like sandstorms in the deserts of Qatar, a rocket dispatching from French Guiana’s Space Center, and cyclones undermining South Korea’s substantial wildernesses.

A Cutting-Edge Arsenal

Unleash your battle innovativeness through a full list of state of the art weapons, vehicles, jets, helis, and all-new hardware propelled by the not so distant eventual fate of 2042. Gather the Ranger, a mechanical canine worked for the fight to come, utilize the Syrette Pistol to restore crew individuals from a far distance, utilize a catching snare to arrive at new spots, wear a wingsuit, convey a recon drone, and more.

Trained professionals

Choose your job on the front line and structure hand-custom-made crews through the new Specialist framework. In light of Battlefield’s four Classes, Specialists have one novel Specialty and Trait – yet the remainder of the loadout is completely adaptable. Picking and preparing your Specialist permits you to fabricate collaborations inside your crew and engage yourself to take on any fight circumstance.

New Seasons, New Content

You and the local area will advance in Battlefield 2042 through a Season framework, which will ceaselessly carry new updates to the game. Themed around new accounts, Seasons will bring content like Specialist warriors, areas, weapons, and vehicles. The people who need to take their Battlefield™ 2042 excursion further can buy the Year 1 Pass and secure 4 New Specialists, 4 Battle Passes, and 3 Epic Skin Bundles (“Blistered Earth”, “Storm”, and “With a savage cruelty”).

Front line Portal

Discover sudden fights and enter the wide universe of Battlefield locally determined stage that enables you to change the standards of war. The prospects are perpetual when you can alter weapons, stuff, rules, and more in this inventive sandbox mode. Replay exemplary encounters with select substance from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or influence the advanced substance from the universe of Battlefield 2042 to find, make, and offer something totally new.


English, French, Spanish (Latino), Portuguese

Product Price : 15.00 EUR
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