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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a society that is both flawless and utopian, one in which people and the robots that serve them coexist together.

In any case, it is how things used to be. With the launch of the most advanced robot-control system only days away, the only things that might possibly derail it are a terrible tragedy or a worldwide conspiracy…

The unrelenting march of technology, combined with the conduct of covert experiments, has resulted in the creation of monstrous animals, scary machines, and superpowered robots, all of which have abruptly turned their backs on those who programmed them. You alone have the power to stop them and uncover the truth about the world that has been romanticized.

Fight for your life in confrontations that are high-intensity and chaotic by making use of the fighting talents afforded to you by your experimental power glove, as well as your collection of blades and cutting-edge weaponry. Adjust your fighting method to the specifics of each adversary. Consolidate your knowledge and assets, make effective use of the surrounding environment, and improve your gear in order to prevail in the struggle against evil.

Atomic Heart PS4 & PS5 Features

• A utopian universe that is both insane and sublime

• Combat that is visceral, stunning, and brutal

• Smash your way through enormous robots and mutants utilizing a wide variety of abilities and sophisticated weaponry

• Increase your arsenal and equipment.

Product Price : 75.00 EUR
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